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More than for just guns and ammo boxes. Firearm Guard protects against moisture anywhere you have it. Just a few examples include: Gym bags, dog beds, bathrooms, 

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Introducing FIRE-ARM GUARD the ultimate gun moisture absorber.


The exciting new American made product that will keep your guns and ammo free of moisture which can cause rust. Similarly, it will also keep the air in your locker, safe or cabinet fresh and free of musty odor. This amazing new product is 100% natural, eco-friendly and contains zero chemicals. Keep your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and ammo safe and dry. Finally, our product will not harm streams, lakes and rivers that humans and animals depend on to be clean and chemical free.

And they are not only for your guns and ammo. Bring them along on hunting trips to dry your boots, gloves and equipment overnight. You can also keep a pouch in your vehicle to keep the cabin dry and fresh. Use anywhere around the home that has a tendency to collect moisture to avoid harmful mold and mildew. These amazing pouches are perfect for keeping your garage and expensive work tools dry and safe.

Unlike competing products, FIRE-ARM GUARD gun moisture absorber is chemical free and can be safely placed around the home without worry of children or pets coming in contact with them.







This amazing product has serious long lasting ABSORBING POWER and we can prove that fact. We did two separate studies to show just how effective FIRE-ARM GUARD really is.

In the first test, we took two identical steel bars and placed them in sealed containers with a glass of water for 90 days. One container had a pouch of FIRE-ARM GUARD placed inside. The steel bar without the pouch showed significant surface rust while the steel bar with our pouch showed no signs of rust at all.



In the second test we placed two equally wet cloths in sealed clear containers. One with our pouch and one without. After only 24 hours the container without our pouch showed beads of moisture and condensation along the sides, while the container with our pouch was completely dry.

The absorbing power of the all natural FIRE-ARM GUARD pouch cannot be stopped!


FIRE-ARM GUARD absorbent pouches are made in the USA in South Dakota with 100% recyclable material. The handy burlap pouch is eco-friendly and adds a rugged look to your gun collection. The pouch can be hung or simply laid on any surface. It will not leave any residue and will not stain any surfaces it comes in contact with. You can even place them inside individual rifle or shotgun carrying cases!

What’s our secret? A specially formulated recipe of all natural plant and mineral-based products all from the United States compressed together with  special patented equipment, all right here in South Dakota.  We have to add soap in our ingredients as well. We do this for two reasons, one is because this product will obviously not work without a breathable pouch (The burlap).  The soap we use is also 100% natural and 100% made in America and has been proven for over 20 years to absorb and destroy all nasty odors and freshen the air. 

While other moisture absorbing products on the market use harmful and dangerous chemicals that will only work a short time, FIRE-ARM GUARD pouches will last for years and do not create harmful waste in our landfills. We use the same all natural ingredients that the early settlers and the Amish used to use a hundred years ago to keep their food supplies dry out of their basements and cellars. There’s been documented reports that after these houses have been abandoned for 60 or 70 years and people go down in the basements these same ingredients are still working. Over a period of one year, you could spend more than $40 continually replacing the leading chemical based moisture absorber, or you could spend $14.95 just ONCE every few years and feel better about protecting the eco system.

The amazing all natural brick that is inside the burlap pouch is driven by the ABSORBING POWER of naturally absorbing air freshening ingredients that are plant and mineral based. Our combination of all natural products absorb moisture, toxins, and anything else that could contaminate and harm your expensive fire-arms. It also eliminates musty odors and creates fresher air in any closed container that you use our pouches in. But FIRE-ARM GUARD pouches aren’t only for guns, use them any place where moisture problems, mold and musty odors are a concern.




FIRE-ARM GUARD comes with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. How can we offer this amazing guarantee? Because we make our product with 100% plant and mineral-based ingredients that have been proven for hundreds of years to protect against moisture and mildew, FIRE-ARM GUARD pouches will effectively absorb moisture for years. If you feel that your pouch is no longer absorbing moisture simply keep the pouch, throw away the bar and we will send you a NEW BAR for FREE with small shipping and handling fee.

The process is simple:

  1. Provide us with the name and location of the store which you purchased the product, along with your return address.

  2. Email a photo of the bar to explaining why you are returning it.

  3. We will send you a new bar for free. All you pay is a small shipping and handling fee.

Care Policy

  • Drying instructions: If you feel that the bar has become over saturated; simply place the bar in a warm, sunny place to dry for a few hours.  

  • This should only be necessary in extreme high moisture situations


Jim, Washington

What a great product it works great it's about time someone comes up with an all natural made in America desiccant. 

Tina, Lousianna

(My Family) loves them and I personally love the fact that there's no chemicals have safe for kids and pets and it's made in America that means a lot to us.

Rick, Texas

We really love them they work great it really keeps the moisture out of my gun safe but also keeps the air nice and fresh my gun safe does not smell musty no more.

Maryanne, Alabama

I bought four of them 2 months ago and hung them behind my washing machine it is dry back  there now it really works great thank you