Keep Your Gun Safe Fresh & Dehumidified With FIRE-ARM GUARD Moisture Absorbers!


Whether it’s a lack of ventilation or humid weather, moisture can easily accumulate in your gun safe or other enclosed spaces which can lead to your firearms rusting and corroding. Moisture control is vital for anyone that wants to keep their possessions safe, protected, and in an optimal condition which is why designed our dehumidifier bags. We use carefully selected plant-based ingredients and minerals to bring you moisture absorbers that are quick, versatile, and suitable for any space without worrying about any stains, residue, or odors.



Endlessly Versatile, Practical & Made To Last

Whether you’re dehumidifying your gun safe or want to quickly dry shoes and hunting gear, our moisture absorbers have you covered. They are versatile and provide just the right fit for keeping your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and ammo dry along with your boots, gloves, gym gear, home accessories, and anything else you have in mind.


Unlike electric and chemical humidifiers that need to be replaced every other month, FIRE-ARM GUARD is made to provide long-term use without any hassles. It doesn’t need to be charged/refilled and comes wrapped in a soft burlap sack making it a breeze to carry and store without worrying about any stains or scratches.

• Helps freshen the air and remove smells

• Just place in the sun to recharge after a month

• Can easily be used anytime and anywhere

• Recyclable and helps reduce waste output

• Great for homes, gym, shops, shooting range, etc.

• Suitable for enclosed spaces up to 60 cubic feet!


Use Anytime & Anywhere

There are no batteries, electricity, or charging required. You can use FIRE-ARM GUARD pouches anytime you want, anywhere you want making it perfect for use at home and on the go without worrying about spreading harsh chemicals throughout your space.


Kid & Pet Friendly

When it comes to safety, we make no exceptions. Our moisture absorbers bags are made right here in the USA using safe and pure materials so you can use that at your home, office, and anywhere else with peace of mind. They can safely be used around kids and pets.


Clean & Fresh Air

Our moisture absorbing pouches help eliminate moisture along with any musty odors to keep the air fresh even in tight spaces without damaging or staining your firearms or other possessions.


UPC Barcodes:

USA Design - 860000773164

USA Shield Design - 860000773195

M16/Rifle Design - 860000773188

Deer Design – 860000773133

Fire-Arm Guard Pouch

  • These gun safe or closet dehumidifier packs are made to get rid of moisture and unpleasant smells using U.S. minerals and plants from tight areas, safes, drawers, storage cabinets, and more to help protect your possessions from dampness, rust, and corrosion