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  • What is Fire Arm Guard?
    Fire Arm Guard is an all natural alternative to silica gel.
  • How do I recharge my Fire Arm Guard?
    You do not need to recharge your Fire Arm Guard Pouch. The all natural ingredients used in the brink inside coupled with the breathable burlap allows for moisutre regulation.
  • What if my Fire Arm Guard gets wet
    If you live in an area with extreme humidity you might be feeling that your Fire Arm Guard is not doing it's job properly! If this is the case follow these simple directions: 1. Open the velcro on the bottom of the pouch. 2. Check the color of your bar. a. If bar is dark green it is over saturated. 3. Place the bar back in the pouch and close the velcro. 4. Place the pouch in the warm sun for a few hours. 5. Check the bar again to enusre it's color has changed back to a gray-white. 6. Continue use as usual.
  • What is your Return Policy?
    If you feel that your Fire Arm Guard is not properly doing it's job, simply send us an email explaining your situation and provide your reciept. We will happily send you a new Fire Arm Guard for only the cost of shipping.
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